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Snowshoe mountain is a ski resort which is famous for its winter activities. It has a combination of adventure and multiple inclusive activities for all age groups. 

If you plan to visit the mountain especially in peak season we have some expert tips that can help you make better choices. 


Book direct: 

For best pricing you should always book directly from the host's website or social channels. Airbnb, Vrbo, do a great job in advertising but they also charge commission which is the reason the pricing will always be higher on these portals than booking directly. 


Avoid weekends: 

If you are visiting the mountain for the first time you can avoid visiting on weekends. You can save a lot of time by skipping huge queues outside ski rental shops, high rated restaurants and other attractions. The probability of flexible check-in & check-out is higher on weekdays. If you have a limited budget weekday rates will always have lesser pricing than weekends. 


Book in advance: 

If you can plan better you will likely get the best deal. Booking lodging options in advance and even ski-rentals in advance saves time and money. Many hosts offer immediate bookings but they are at a higher cost.


Prioritize the view: 

Lodging experience gets better if your accommodation has a great view. If you plan in advance and on weekdays you will have a lot of options to choose from. Always remember great views from the window and balcony access are relaxing and take your experience to a whole new level. 


Avoid hefty discounted rentals: 

If you see a hefty discount in lodging and ski-rentals you should probably avoid them. Your experiences depend a lot on the quality of services. Snowshoe Ski vacation is chosen by 2000+ guests every year for excellent customer service. 



  • Book directly from host website or social channels 
  • Avoid weekend bookings for your first time bookings
  • Plan and book in advance 
  • Accommodations with best views fill fast
  • Avoid cheap lodging and ski-rental options