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Snowshoe in Fall

Fall at Snowshoe

hiSnowshoe Mountain is probably known best for being a premier winter wonderland.  During winter, Snowshoe offers skiing and snowboarding as two major activities.  The winter sports are offered from late November to mid-March.  In May, the activities change.  Visitors can indulge in golfing, river sports, hiking trails, mountain biking, rock climbing, or relaxing on the beach at Shavers Lake.  Shavers Lake is a beautiful lake at the bottom of Snowshoe Mountain.  Condos in Snowshoe Mountain are mostly owned privately by individuals.  For good food, Foxfire Grill, Cheat Mountain Pizza Company, Waffle Cabin, and Starbucks are open almost the whole year.

The last weekend in September, Snowshoe hosts its annual Free Fall Festival.  Entertainment features concerts by local musicians, food, games, and mountain bike competitions.  After the Free Fall Festival, in October and November, Snowshoe becomes quieter, while the staff in Snowshoe get ready to face the rush of the winter skiing and snowboarding season.

hiThere is plenty to do outside of Snowshoe in Pocahontas County, where Snowshoe is located.  In fall, there are lots of farmers markets and concerts by musicians such as the Braya Brass Band and Kim Kalman.  In October, there are the Huntersville Tradition Days.  This is a 2-day event that commemorates early Appalachian culture.  There is a tour that you take – either walking or by horse-and-buggy – where you can see apple butter being made, watch wool being spun, take a pony ride, and even help make sorghum!  You can find out more about the events there by visiting the Pocahontas County website.  This amazing county is also where the National Radio Astronomy Observatory is located.  Visiting Snowshoe in fall could be a perfect way to catch a break from the stresses of daily life!

Catch a break. Come to Snowshoe!

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