No Bikes, No Pets (except service animals) and No Smoking – $300 Punitive Fees 

Directions: Traveling to Snowshoe or staying in Mountain Lodge for the first time? Follow all the 4 steps below to avoid getting lost. Try to be there during day light hours to avoid getting lost. The entire mountain address has the same address, so you must pay extra attention to the following steps.  

1) Find us at Google maps by searching Snowshoe Vacation Condos, Mountain Lodge, 10 Snowshoe Dr, Snowshoe, WV 26209. You can copy and paste the link below: 


2)  You can also visit our website link for directions: 

​3) Use your GPS device to navigate to the following coordinates as they will get you to our front door: 38 degrees 24.625’ N- 79 degrees 59.625’ W.  

4)  Look up at the Snowshoe map https://www.snowshoemtn.com/-/media/snowshoe/maps/2019-maps/mountain-top-map.ashx and take it with you. Mountain Lodge (#11 on the map). You can reach the top of the mountain from both starting points on Route 66.

Look for Snowshoe Village. Mountain Lodge is located next to Alleghany Springs. As you look at the map, you will have Split Rock Pools (12), St. Bernard Chapel (13), Wildcat Provisions, Treetop in that area. You will also see signs for the “Conference Center” which is located at the bottom of Mountain Lodge. Mountain Lodge is located behind Split Rock Pools.  

How do I find my condo? 
Mountain Lodge floor plans can be found by looking at this map.  


You will enter through Main entrance, pick up luggage cart, load your cart and then go to your condo.  

Check in Instructions: 

Check-in starts at 5:00 pm.  

We provide 3 hours window for our house keeping from previous guest check out especially in a COVID environment. Guests check out at 11am and Housekeeping uses the time between 2pm to 5pm to ensure the rooms are clean for upcoming guests. This makes it almost impossible to allow early Check ins. This process is entirely controlled by housekeeping. Because of this, we are unable to provide early check in.  

Having said that, if you arrive early and want to enjoy the slopes the day of your arrival/check in, please park at Top of the World for the day. You can come over to Mountain Lodge at 5PM after that and complete your check in. 

You can check in any time after 5pm. The front desk is open 24/7. If you are getting delayed and would reach later in the night. No worries. The front desk will be there to check you in.  

If there is guard on the gate, you will provide them your name and condo number and they will provide you a parking pass. If there is no guard on the Mountain Lodge entrance, drive in and park your car. 

After parking the car, you will report to the front desk and collect your keys/ free car parking passes. You only need to tell front desk your name and condo number. You can use luggage carts to load your luggage (use the wipes available to clean the luggage carts) and then carry your baggage to your condo. Mountain Lodge has elevators next to reception for Guests to use. At the end of the stay, the condo keys are handed over at the Mountain Lodge reception. 

  • When checking in you will provide your name and unit number.  If someone else in your party is going to arrive earlier than you, please let us know so that we can enter their information into booking system. This will allow them to check in earlier.  
  • Front desk is on left of the Mountain Lodge main entrance (automatic doors). (NOTE: There is a $5 deposit for the key). If nobody is at the front desk, use the phone hanging on the wall and dial zero (0). Someone will answer as the building is staffed 24X7.  
  • Please inspect your unit upon arrival and report anything broken, missing or damaged, by emailing us immediately at snowshoevacationcondos@gmail.com to avoid any damage charges.  

Can I check-in early? 

We provide 3 hours window for our house keeping from previous guest check out especially in a COVID environment. Guests check out at 11am and Housekeeping uses the time between 2pm to 5pm to ensure the rooms are clean for upcoming guests. This makes it almost impossible to allow early Check ins. This process is entirely controlled by housekeeping. Because of this, we are unable to provide early check in. Having said that, we totally understand your needs about early check in. You can enjoy the slopes the day of your check-in, please park at Top of the World for the day. You can come over to Mountain Lodge at 5PM after that and complete your check in. 

If you must check in early, please plan to book previous night, this will offer you the ability to check in as early as possible without any hassle. Several of guests have found this option extremely helpful for them. 

Can I Checkout late? 

We are not able to provide late checkouts or early check ins. This is because after you have checked out, housekeeping needs a 3-hour window before they can start cleaning. They have a short window to clean between 2pm to 5pm to ensure the rooms are clean for upcoming guests.  

If you must check out late, please plan to book following night, this will offer you the ability to check out late without any hassle. Several of guests have found this extremely helpful for them.  

Is Parking Free? 

Yes, Mountain Lodge is one of the only building on the mountain which allows free parking to its guests.  Free parking is only available after 5pm on the day of your check in. You will be provided 1 free parking pass per bedroom so 1 free parking pass for 1-bedroom condo and 2 free parking passes for 2 bedrooms. If you have additional vehicles you will need to park across the street in the general parking area.  

Can I work remotely from my condo in mountain lodge? 

Mountain Lodge condos have their own private Wi-Fi, and you can use it to work remotely.  You can even connect your computer to TV through HDMI cable if you are looking for an extra monitor. Please see the picture.  

Most of our condos have Smart TVs so you can connect to your favorite entertainment including Netflix and Amazon. You can connect to the Internet by first choosing the Wifi Network =” Mountain Lodge Unit xxx” and then enter password=   3045720xxx (xxx is your room no.). Sometimes the network in one room does not get a strong signal, you can look up another room’s Wi-Fi and connect your device using the password associated with that room number. 

What could I expect in my Kitchen? 

You have a full kitchen with microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, and electric cooking range to show your culinary skills. We also have following items available in your kitchen.  

2 serving bowls, 2-quart baking dish with lid, Colander, Flashlight (under kitchen sink), Large cooking pot with lid, Medium cooking pot with lid, Small cooking pot with lid, 2 skillets (usually a 12 inch or a little larger), Cookie sheet or pizza pan, 9 x 13 baking pan, 8 x 8 baking pan, 6 steak knives, Bottle opener, Plain cooking spoon, Slotted cooking spoon, Spatula, Kitchen knife set, Corkscrew, Cutting board, Grater, Measuring spoon, Measuring cup, Manual can opener, Mixing bowl set: 3 mixing bowls, Vegetable peeler, 3 potholders, Coffee maker, Toaster, 2 pitchers, 4 ice trays / ice maker, Blender, Mixer, Crock pot, cups, knives, forks, spoons, dishes. 

Dishes are most likely to be found in Dishwasher as the previous guest put them in dishwasher as part of check out process. It takes time for dishes to clean and dry and housekeeping doesn’t have enough time to put them back in cabinets. Please don’t forget to put dishes for cleaning as part of your check out process.  

You may also find some of the cooking pots/pans in the bottom rack of the electric cooking range. This space is utilized to store these items because of lack of cabinet space.  

What could I expect in Bathroom? 

  • 1 toilet brushes with caddy, 1 toilet plungers, Hairdryer under each bathroom sink 

What could I expect in Bedroom? 

  • Pillows for beds, Bedspreads, blankets (will not be available during COVID Restrictions) 

What other items are provided? 

Towels, bed sheet, pillow covers, bathroom mat, kitchen towels, toilet paper (1 per bathroom – you can get extra from front desk), dish washer soap, bar soap, trash bags are provided.  

What items should I bring with me 

You must bring your toiletries including shampoos, conditioning, body wash etccoffee, coffee filters, dish soaps and condiments including salt, pepper, and cooking oil.  

During COVID restrictions, please bring your own comforter/ blanket since those are not provided.  

Will my cellphone work in this condo? 

Because of the national quiet zone, only AT&T and T-Mobile subscribers get signal on parts of the mountain. You can use Wi-Fi calling for your cell phone to make and receive phone calls. Each condo has its own house phone which can be used to make and receive local and long-distance calls. The condo phone no. is 304-572-0xxx (where xxx is the Room number of your condo).  

Check out Instructions: 

Departure Time: 11 AM or earlier. Please follow the 6 steps check out process. 

  • Place all dishes, glasses, and silverware in the dishwasher and run the dishwasher. Dishwasher Detergent is provided in a packet. 
  • Place all the dirty towels and linens in the bag provided for soiled linens.  
  • Turn off all lights. Leave the heat on.  
  • Make sure balcony door and windows are closed. 
  • Make sure you check all your belongings. Because of COVID-19, we will not be able to store them for you. Make sure you get your tablets, phones, phone chargers etc.  
  • Return your key(s) to the front desk to get your deposit back. 

Can I bring a pet? 

Mountain Lodge has a strict “no pets” policy that is rigidly enforced. You may not bring a pet. Pets are not permitted in any unit or upon any Common Element of Mountain Lodge Association property, by any party.  $300 punitive fine will be imposed if pets are detected inside of the building. 

Having said that, service animals are allowed within Mountain Lodge. Please be prepared to register the Pet during check in at Front desk with paperwork. You may not leave the Pet alone in the room during your stay.  

Can I bring my bike inside the Mountain Lodge/ Condo? 

Bike Policy 

Bikes are not permitted inside of the condos or the Mountain Lodge building. There are bike lockers for rent on the first floor. Please visit the Mountain Lodge front desk to check rates and availability. Recent rates have been a refundable deposit of $20 and $15 rental lockers fee each day. 

There is a $300 punitive fine that will be imposed if bikes are detected inside of the condos or building. 

Can I Smoke inside the Mountain Lodge/ Condo? 

Smoking Policy 

Smoking is prohibited inside of the condos or the Mountain Lodge building. There is a $300 punitive fine that will be imposed if smoke is detected inside of the condos or building. 

If you must smoke, please plan to go outside the building for smoking.  

How far are you from slopes? 

We are ski in/ out building. When you walk out of the back door of our building you will be next to Ballhooter lift and further and right next to it are the bunny slopes.  

House Rules: One Bedroom 

  • No smoking, No Bikes, No Pets. Sorry! $300 fine!!! 
  • Only 4 guests are allowed to stay overnight in this unit.  
  • Leave the place tidy and clean as you found it. Please take your shoes off and help us keep the place clean. Ski boots should be left next to the door. Additional debris may lead to extra cleaning charges and fines.  
  • Please use the ski rack and hooks at the door to store skis, poles, shoes, snowboards. 

House Rules: Two Bedroom 

  • No smoking, No Bikes, No Pets. Sorry! $300 fine!!! 
  • Only 6-8 guests are allowed to stay overnight in this unit.  
  • Leave the place tidy and clean as you found it. Please take your shoes off and help us keep the place clean. Ski boots should be left next to the door. Additional debris may lead to extra cleaning charges and fines.  
  • Please use the ski rack and hooks at the door to store skis, poles, shoes, snowboards. 

Which Restaurants should I visit? 

Please check our website for restaurants in the area. There is always something new coming on the mountain. Please make sure to check with restaurants about their opening days and hours.  

How do I access Swimming Pool and Hot Tub? 

You can access the Split Rocks Pools Swimming Pool and Hot Tub by paying usage fee. This is a 3rd party owned property and is not included in your rental. The great news is that it is just outside the Mountain Lodge parking lot and is a convenient walk.  It has a pool and two hot tubs. Just like any great swimming hole, Split Rocks Pools is as fun for the adults as it is for the kids. They will splash around the indoor/outdoor heated swimming area zipping down the slide and making new friends, while you relax in the sauna and hot tub and take in the gorgeous views. It is a win-win, the perfect place to play and unwind all at the same time. Adults pay $15 per person/per day for this access. Kids under 6 are complementary. 

How do I save on Ski Rentals? 

Save on Ski rentals by: 

  • Booking 24 hours in advance 
  • Reserving ski rentals at www.skibarn.net/reserve-now 
  • Using the promo code 47141 

How do I save on Lift tickets? 

Save on lift tickets by buying tickets more than 72 hours in advance. You can do that by clicking on this link


Where can we pick up some groceries? 

Wildcat Provisions is just outside the Mountain Lodge a few minutes’ walk. Please check hours of operation. With a variety of groceries, sundries, and more, Wildcat Provisions is your one-stop-shop for anything you may have forgotten to bring to the Mountain. Along with grocery items, Wildcat offers hot coffee, breakfast sandwiches, specialty lunches, and the largest beer cave on the Mountain. See link below for additional information.  


Do you have any kind of Grill in your unit? 

Condos do not have any grill and there is no outside grilling facility available at Mountain Lodge.  

Do the fun activities, restaurants and stores open a day? 

Mountain activities are closed from Monday to Wednesday. Our nightly rates are discounted to reflect this. You can do hiking, nature walks, sunsets and sunrise on the mountain and go to nearby activities which include fishing, green bank national radio astronomy observatory, cass scenic railroad state park, droop mountain battlefield”. You can get more details on our website

The Village will be open Thursday-Sunday for dining, retail, and outdoor adventure operations. This includes full-service Spa at Snowshoe. Lodging will be available daily (all week). To help facilitate distancing measures, certain areas of the resort will use capacity management this summer season This includes the Snowshoe Bike Park, Outdoor Adventure Tours, Fun Pass offerings. 

We heard that construction is going on ML, when will start and how you manage it? 

Construction at Mountain Lodge: Mountain Lodge is undergoing exterior renovation; the outer shell of the building will be renovated. It is possible that because of construction your stay may be moved to another similar condo. Please expect to hear construction noise because of ongoing construction. So, we appreciate your understanding in advance. If you are impacted, we will work with you to find a solution for your needs. 

Is there any fees for additional guest? 

Yes. there is $10 per night for additional guest.  

What do I do If I am feeling hot? 

Mountain Lodge is an older building and does not have central air conditioning. Keeping in mind, this is a mountain location most time of the year no AC is required. The units on the top floor facing the sun do get hot during certain time of the year i.e. July/August. 

For the convenience of our guests, we provide Portable ACs which we install in the living room during that time of the year. This is an attempt to provide little extra convenience to our guests. 

If you are feeling hot, please follow the following steps. 

1) Please turn on your portable AC. Stay cool all summer long with portable air conditioner. This will be installed in the living room and helps bring down the temperature of the condo when it gets hot. The unit may also have dehumidifier function to remove moisture from the air for increased comfort, and a built-in fan. 

2) in your bedroom open the window and put the box fan in the window. 

3) in the living room open the window and the patio door and put the box fan so that that is air circulation. 

For Covid-19 Updates and Guidelines: 

Covid-19 Guest Protocol at Mountain Lodge 

  • Please bring your own blankets. Only essential linens will be provided. Please Bring your own coffee filters. There will only be one unwrapped roll of toilet paper provided per bathroom (can get extra from the front desk if needed) and one unwrapped roll of paper towels in the kitchen. No coffee filters left in rooms. Other Items: 
  • Guests are always asked to practice social distancing and asked (not required) to wear masks while in common areas. 
  • Guests may only ride the elevator one person at a time unless they are sharing a reservation. 
  • We have added vinyl pillow covers to each pillow so that they are easier to disinfect upon checkout. We have also put plastic remote covers on remotes for easier disinfecting. Please inform guests that these are not to be removed. 
  • We will be placing a “soiled linen bag” in each bedroom with instructions for the guest to strip their bed and place linens in marked bag. 
  • Please check, double check and triple check their condo before checking out to make sure that they have packed up all personal belongings because we are no longer allowed to keep lost and found to help reduce cross contamination. 
  • All rooms will be cleaned using supplies that meet CDC requirements. 
  • Front Desk will continually disinfect all room keys, along with Front Desk area. 
  • Rooms must be empty three hours prior to housekeeping entering the room. This may result in a delay of the 5pm check in time. 
  • No last-minute reservations. Housekeeping must have time to prepare rooms for covid-19. 


General Guidelines: 

Third party Activities: We do not provide any third-party activities. This will keep changing so please do your own research. General guidance: The Village will be open Thursday-Sunday for dining, retail and outdoor adventure operations starting July 2. This includes the full-service Spa at Snowshoe. Lodging will be available daily (all week) starting Wednesday June 17. To help facilitate distancing measures, certain areas of the resort will use capacity management this summer season This includes the Snowshoe Bike Park, Outdoor Adventure Tours, Fun Pass offerings, and more. Dependent upon capacity, walk-up access is not guaranteed for these areas. 

Review Guidelines: 

Travel is always an adventure and we want to help you explore your adventures at Snowshoe. We take great care of our guests and would always stand beside them to help and make their experience better. Having said that there are many things which are out of our control including weather, injury, sickness, lift lines, wait times at restaurants, etc including issues at a condo like Wi-Fi connectivity, loss of power, control of temperature in the condo etc. We will take an immediate action to resolve the issues we can handle and that is important to us. When reviewing us, consider your stay in our condo and the actions we took to help you make your experience better and, in some cases, fix some things which were not perfect!!! For us to fix any issues, please contact us immediately so we can remedy the situation. 

Our properties are in Mountain Lodge which is an older building, and it looks old. But our customers love it because of convenience and location. It has a lot of common space for you to gather with family and friends. Having said that, most of our condos have been recently renovated. Also, Mountain Lodge has started renovation in 2020 and outside of building is expected to be updated this year . 

We take pride in being a 5-star VRBO/Airbnb listing. This means that if at any time your experience drops below 5-stars, to immediately contact me so that we can remedy the situation. 

Please note that unlike hotels where Ritz Carlton will be considered a 5-star hotel, VRBO/Airbnb 5-star ratings are different. A 5-star accommodation on Airbnb is getting what you paid for, having common amenities and fresh linens available, and having someone promptly address any issue that comes up. During your stay, if you need something like towels, linens, small appliance etc., Please call housekeeping through front desk (dial 0) and request them to provide you. Housekeeping is available from 8:30 am to 4 pm. If there is any maintenance issue, you can request maintenance by contacting the front desk. 

How do I save money on rentals? Can I get a discount? 

We offer extremely competitive prices and great value to our customers. You will find our accommodations have the best value on the mountain for their quality. Hence, we do not offer discounts. However, you can save tons of money if you follow the following guidelines. 

  • Stay Longer: A lot of fixed fees are levied for the stay. Whether you stay for one night or 3 nights the cleaning fees is same. So, if you want to save, stay longer and your per night costs will be much lower. 
  • Stay on weekdays: Usually, the nightly room rate is half compared to weekends, so if you stay on weekdays, you will save more. Also, on weekdays, lifts are less crowded. 
  • Ski early during the season: Rates between November end to the 2ndweek of December are lower, it will help you save money. 
  • Ski later in the season: You can save money if you plan to ski during March. Snowshoe can make snow during March and it is a great time to ski with smaller crowds. If you are concerned about snow, buy our ski trip preserver program. 
  • Last minute sales: We offer last minute deals for unsold inventory; you can save a lot if your schedules are flexible. 

Do you offer a military discount? 

We offer discounts to our repeat guests. If you have stayed with us in the past, we may be able to help you save by booking direct on our website.  

What are options for Trip Insurance? 

  • 10% of your total booking after taxes and fees. This will allow you to cancel your booking with full refund within 14 days prior to our arrival. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 
  • 15% of the total booking after taxes and fees.  Same policies are above but this will include coverage for accidental damage waiver. 

We offer damage waiver insurance which is $49 for one bedroom and $69 for two bedrooms.