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Grocery Delivery while you Explore the Mountain

Snowshoe Grocery Delivery:

We have partnered with local business to offer a much-needed service for our guests and families. You can have your groceries delivered directly to your doorstep when you stay with us.

Your groceries will be delivered from Walmart Grocery store roughly 50 miles away ensuring a hassle -free grocery buying experience while you can enjoy your mountain adventure. Save gas, money and spend half of your day on the mountain while our partner and their drivers pick up your grocery from Walmart and deliver to your doorstep.

Hours of operation pickup schedule:
7 am – 12 pm Sunday – Thursday
7 am – 8 am Friday & Saturday ONLY

What you need to do:

Step 1: Please let us know you wish to purchase this service and pay for the delivery fees.

Step 2: Place your order on Walmart pickup site. Put the zip code as 26241. This is for Walmart Elkins Store, 721 Beverly Pike from where our partners drivers will pick up your grocery. See link below to order: I

Walmart Groceries

It is advisable to order 48 hours prior to when you will need the grocery to provide enough time to coordinate your order.

Step 3: Please send your order information to

Make sure it includes:

Your name

Pickup Confirmation Number

Unit no. you are staying.

We will forward this information to our partner so that they can coordinate pick up.

Please note this is an attempt to help our guests and we do not assume any liability for delays and other issues. If for some reason this is unable to be coordinated, we will refund your service fees.